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Dr. Rosina Acheampong


Rosina Acheampong (popularly and affectionately known as “Archie”) commenced her teaching career in 1965, which spanned a period of 34 years when she taught French language and literature in high schools. In 1981, after three years as the Assistant Headmistress of Wesley Girls’ High School (WGHS), she became the first old girl, non-missionary Ghanaian Headmistress of the school. After sixteen years as Headmistress of WGHS, she transitioned from WGHS to work as the Deputy Director-General of the Ghana Education Service (GES) becoming the first woman to hold this position. During her time at the GES, she also implemented the decentralization of education delivery in Ghana.

For Dr. Rosina Acheampong, education is a life-long preoccupation, and education of the girl child is a passion. She serves as Chair of the Board of Governors of the East Airport International School (EAIS) and the Board of Governors Link Community Development (LCD). She recently captured her life story in the Autobiography They Call Me Archie: Amazing Journey Of Destiny. Her hobbies include dressmaking, experimenting with recipes and cooking; she also enjoys reading and music.

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