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Mrs. Nancy Keteku


Nancy Keteku is the former US Regional Educational Advising Coordinator for 26 countries in West and Central Africa. She has directed the U.S. Embassy’s Educational Advising Centre in Accra since 1990 and has served as the Department of State’s Regional Educational Advising Coordinator for Sub-Saharan Africa. During the past two decades as REAC, Mrs. Keteku has worked with the higher education sector in 40 African countries, gaining a perspective on development of both public and private institutions of higher education.

As an American who has lived in Ghana since 1976, she has been uniquely positioned to study the development of African universities and their role in the wider global arena. She has been directly and indirectly responsible for assisting African students to obtain over $10 million a year in funding for study in the United States and is a leading authority on financing higher education in the United States for international students. She also studies accreditation systems, degree mills, push-pull factors, educational exchange models, credential evaluation, and admissions procedures.

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