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Prof. Nana Araba Apt


Until her passing in March 2017, Professor Nana Araba Apt served on the AGE Advisory Board. Her counsel will certainly be missed, as well as her no-nonsense attitude to breaches of common sense and lapses in excellence.  Prof. Apt agreed to serve on our Advisory Board because the issues of ageing in Ghana were of great concern to her.  She was young at heart, and to her, that was common sense – that older persons stay fresh and young at heart through activities they enjoy – gardening, going on social outings with friends, reading, writing, hanging out with younger people and staying relevant.  She did all of these and more.

We remember her fondly, holding on to the valuable lessons we learnt from her – do it now. For her, there was no use in holding back when there was something to be said or done. If it will add value, do it now – she lived by this mantra. She was an excellent scholar, an encourager, a great sounding board, a nurturer and a truth-teller whose objectivity was refreshing.

Tribute by Patrick Awuah, Ashesi University

Tribute by Anis Haffar, Education Matters Foundation

Tribute by the Center for Social Policy Studies, University of Ghana

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