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AGE Norvi Program

In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, many senior citizens are home alone and with limited social interactions. Some may be home with other family members who are also often preoccupied with online school or working from home. The loneliness and boredom can quickly lead to clinical depression, in worse cases, dementia, and this adverse outcome ultimately affects the quality of life and dignity of ageing.

To address the above concerns, this initiative is set-up as an intergenerational friendship program that seeks to provide psychosocial support to senior citizens through social interactions with younger people. This is necessary not only to keep seniors meaningfully engaged but also to create learning opportunities for both parties. *Norvi means “friendship” in the Ewe language in Ghana. The main goal is to have a strong network of paired ‘buddies’ (“seniors” and “juniors”) who derive mutual value from their social interactions. Ultimately, it will enhance the mental health and wellbeing of both parties, especially seniors.